Emissions resulting from transportation account for an estimated 24% of the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions levels in Western Europe. The high proportion of the transport sector in GHG emissions is linked to the fact that a vast majority of the population continue to prefer private vehicles to alternate, mass forms of transportation . Given the global population’s preference for private vehicle transport, the ultimate goal is to transition to electric vehicles as these are far less carbon-intensive than traditional, gas-fueled forms of transportation. City governments can also contribute by developing more efficient and attractive public transportation networks and encouraging residents to leave their cars at home.


Reframing City Districts (ReCiDi)

A research project conducted by the Universities of Turku and Tampere which aims to form a new conceptual framework which will help shape the collective identity and common vision necessary to realize the future low-carbon and sustainability targets.

Systemic Architectures for Sustainable Urban Innovation (SASUI)

An action learning and research project conducted by Aalto University and the University of Tampere which aimed to form a better understanding of the architectural requirements for successful innovation projects.