Founded in 2008, Waveguider has been devoted to designing and manufacturing an integrated sensor processing chip. From 2009 to 2012, the company actively invested in the development and industrialization of MEMS sensors and biological sensing signal integration processing chips in close cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Waveguider is now engaged in the mobile healthcare industry and has, since 2010, worked to advance related technologies and is fast becoming a national leader in the industry. The company is also working to harness the potential of the cloud era and integrate relevant services and technologies into its offering.

For more information, please see the company's website http://www.waveguider.com.cn/


Reframing City Districts (ReCiDi)

A research project conducted by the Universities of Turku and Tampere which aims to form a new conceptual framework which will help shape the collective identity and common vision necessary to realize the future low-carbon and sustainability targets.

Systemic Architectures for Sustainable Urban Innovation (SASUI)

An action learning and research project conducted by Aalto University and the University of Tampere which aimed to form a better understanding of the architectural requirements for successful innovation projects.