The City of Tampere launched a new design competition on the 26th of April, 2016 through which it seeks to gather novel perspectives on the development of the city’s Hiedanranta district. The idea completion will foster the development of a true low-carbon center which will be home to an attractive residential area as well as a thriving area for workplaces. The area under development is designed to accomdate between 20,000-25,000 residents and 10,000 jobs in different fields over the coming years.

The competition continues the development of an open, multi-party approach to city planning at the core of the recently complete Systemic Architectures for Sustainable Urban Innovation project. The WALCC supported SASUI project sought novel forms of including citizens in the development process, allowing the residents of Tampere’s Tammela area to influence the future of their neighborhood.

The Hiedanranta competition encourages the formation of multi-perspective groups which bring together a diverse array of perspectives and areas of expertise, including the fields of land development, landscape architecture, traffic, urban development, construction, and energy. All of the submitted entries will be posted on a website run by the city where they will be open to comments from the public.

The competition closes in September, 2016 and will award the winning entry with a prize of €110,000, with an additional €110,000 allotted to be divided among other commendable entries. The competition will be judged by a fifteen-member jury of city officials and outside experts.

Read more about the Tammela exercise and the SASUI project’s conclusions.

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Reframing City Districts (ReCiDi)

A research project conducted by the Universities of Turku and Tampere which aims to form a new conceptual framework which will help shape the collective identity and common vision necessary to realize the future low-carbon and sustainability targets.

Systemic Architectures for Sustainable Urban Innovation (SASUI)

An action learning and research project conducted by Aalto University and the University of Tampere which aimed to form a better understanding of the architectural requirements for successful innovation projects.