The City of Oulu, located in northern Finland, announced this week that it would undertake a pilot of a new on-demand shuttle service. The service will be operated in cooperation with Shotl, the company that developed the service, and will serve local residents commuting between the city and the nearby town of Haukipodas, home to some 20 000 people, covering an area of 8 square kilometers with two shuttles with capacity of 16 and 14 seats. The service, in operation 8am-5pm between Monday and Friday, will supplement an existing, and popular, bus line as local transport officials look to form an understanding of the role of demand-responsive transit in the area. This service is seen as an able replacement for private vehicle users who make trips in the coverage area yet find the current bus line insufficient to serve their needs. The city’s aim is to increase the level of service it offers to its residents in order to discourage private vehicle use.
The on-demand shuttle service is similar to the Kutsuplus service trialed by the City of Helsinki in 2012 and one currently under development, scheduled to be launched in 2019 in the neighboring city of Espoo.

To read more about the City of Oulu’s collaboration with Shotl, see Shotl’s announcement on their websiteTo read more about the City of Oulu’s collaboration with Shotl, see Shotl’s announcement on their website

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