A new study by mobility and transport consultancy, Juniper Research, assessed the state of Mobility as a Service development internationally as well as the impacts the expansion of MaaS would have on mobility. The researchers found that, by 2023, MaaS will replace over 2.3 billion journeys made in urban areas by private car, a massive leap from the corresponding figure for 2018, 17.6 million. The report’s authors also determined that Western European nations would be among the first to see truly comprehensive MaaS systems established, their progress aided by the high quality of existing transportation systems, positive outcomes of pilots and demonstrations, and a supportive government will.

The report goes on to assess 15 cities regarding their relative readiness for MaaS implementation, grading the cities on the state of current and planned MaaS deployment, cohesion of public transport, and infrastructure development. This assessment was led by Helsinki, the studies authors noting that “Helsinki has achieved its winning position in MaaS driven by collaboration between government and MaaS vendors. Stakeholder partnerships are fundamental to MaaS in order to develop a viable multi-modal system delivering significant cost- and time-savings to the user.”

The top five was rounded out by, in declining order, Stockholm, Sweden; Vienna, Austria; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and Austin, Texas.

Read a free white paper published regarding the evolution of MaaS at Juniper Research’s website 

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