In a webinar held on August 1st, Robin O’Hara, Deputy Executive Officer at Los Angeles Metro, presented details of a new initiative the county’s transportation authority will begin to roll out this fall. The initiative builds on the county’s existing TAP smart card system which is the fare card system for metros and buses in the region, adding a layer of cloud-based connection to the existing system rather than developing a new one from scratch, thereby keeping the cost considerably lower.

The system will now be expanded to cover bike shares, EV car shares, microtransit, EV charging, parking, and other services in addition to public transport on subscription or pay-as-you-go basis. Mobility services will continue to be added to the system in the near future such as ride-hailing companies. Furthermore, the system will allow the county to more flexibly communicate with and incentivize users of the system, i.e. offering discounts on days with particularly poor air quality to encourage commuters to get off the road or improving traffic flow in cooperation with local sports teams. The initiative will also include the launch of a new TAP mobile app which will allow users to manage their TAP wallets and fare cards as well as plan journey’s in a feature to be added in the future.

Listen to the webinar at the Meeting of the Minds website

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