When the city of Shenzhen, China transitioned to a 100 percent electric fleet of public buses, a total of 16,359 buses, this year it became the first city to do so, leading a host of cities worldwide which have begun to integrate electric buses into their public fleets. While a number of cities in Europe and North America have issued commitments to transition to 100 percent electric fleets, these span a decade or two into the future while the present activity is focused heavily in China—a recent report by Bloomberg finds that, of the world’s 385,000 electric buses, 99 percent are located in China.

Among those cities committed to the transition to electric are leading metropolises like London, which has set a date for 2030, New York City, 2040, and the state of California, which is soon to vote on a 2040 state-wide commitment. As these cities begin to accelerate their own transitions to electric buses, a recent report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that the transition worldwide will follow the timeline proposed by governments like the State of California helping the world reach 80% electric public transport by the year 2040. This is a remarkable development in Bloomberg’s predictions, particularly compared to the transition rates among private vehicles which are only expected to reach 55% of sales by 2040, representing a mere 33% of total vehicles.

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