Automaker Toyota has developed a new platform for mobility solutions which offers companies a chance to utilize the platform to serve their own mobility needs, providing hardware and software support for a companies in any number of industries. The platform is at the core of the new alliance which aims to be a broad-based alliance for businesses in search of mobility services, seeking to solve the challenges businesses face in shaping their concepts to meet sustainability demands as well as serving their customers ever more efficiently. At launch, the alliance includes companies from a wide range of fields such as online retailer Amazon, ride-hailing services such as DiDi and Uber, automaker Mazda, and food chain Pizza Hut who are all taking a role in the development of the concept, including a vehicle and application concepts.

The alliance is focused on developing its own concept vehicle, e-Palette, which will be a fully autonomous, electric vehicle that serves as the basis for the platform’s services as well as allowing partner companies to tailor the vehicle to their own systems. The vehicles can then be customized to suit the needs of any company using it, whether for package or food delivery or ride-hailing functions.

Expected to reach the streets in target markets in the early 2020s, the platform stands as an early example of the types of multi-mode and multi-partner platforms that signal a new, shared, and flexible future for mobility solutions.

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