The world’s first electrified road was opened on a stretch of road outside of Stockholm, Sweden as part of the eRoadArlanda consortium’s project, connecting the Arlanda airport to a nearby logistics center. The 2 km stretch of road has been outfitted with two rails that run along the center of the lane which owners of electric vehicles (EVs) can use to charge their vehicles while driving on the road. Use of the road requires installation of a retractable arm on the underside of the vehicle which is engaged whenever the vehicles are in motion and over the enabled stretches of road. The electrified rails track the amount of energy used by each vehicle and automatically charge the vehicles’ owners accordingly.

This project supports Sweden’s target of ending the use of fossil fuels by 2030, offering vehicle owners a solution to the ‘range anxiety’ that consumers often cite as one of the central reasons for their apprehension regarding EVs. Furthermore, this also reduces the cost for the government or local authorities as such electrified roads reduce the need for roadside charging stations as most drivers can charge while they drive rather than having to stop at limited charging stations.

Such efforts signal the growing certainty that EVs will begin to replace fossil fuel consuming vehicles in coming years, establishing the infrastructure needed to enable the new standard.

Read more about Stockholm’s electrified road and the eRoadArlanda consortium 

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