With the Paris Agreement’s push to reduce CO2 emissions placing increased pressure of regulators and governments to redesign transportation systems and envision a transformation in transportation, governments the world over seek solutions to this dilemma through legislation, incentives, and other forms of support to encourage businesses to develop new solutions and residents to alter behavior.

The European Union has now taken an active step in realizing this transformation by naming 2018 the Year of Multimodality, seeking to raise the importance of multimodality for the EU transport system. Seeing multimodality, the use of several different modes of transportation during a single journey, as a key to realizing a sustainable and integrated transport system, the initiative will seek to increase it by means of incentives, infrastructure improvements, connections, and digital solutions.

Over the course of the year, work will focus on four key theme areas, Digitalization; the use of economic incentives; physical and digital infrastructure and innovation; protecting passenger rights; and the promotion of active mobility.

The WALCC pursues these interests through our Autonomous Vehicles and Mobility services ecosystem, promoting the development of new solutions that will help to realize the multimodal future sought after in the European Union’s year of multimodality.

Read more about our AVM ecosystem and next week’s kick-off 

Follow along with the European Union’s Year of Multimodality efforts

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