In the days since President Trump’s declaration which marked the first steps in the United States’ departure from the Paris climate accords, the world has seen a powerful reaction from all quarters, political and business sectors recommitting themselves to the goal of the Paris accord. The pledges from local government leaders in the U.S., business leaders, and foreign heads of state in the immediate wake of the decision last week have been joined by a growing tide contributing to the rise of a formidable opposition. Several groups of climate-forward leaders and businesses have banded together in new organizations and collations which seek to continue the work now seemingly abandoned by the state.

Among these emerging organizations is a coalition of mayors, governors, college and university leaders, businesses, and investors who joined forces in a broad declaration in support of the Paris accord and a denouncement of the reckless decision. The collation, united under the rallying call “We are still in” collectively commits to “remain actively engaged with the international community” and accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy.

Following through on a pledge made in the immediate aftermath of President Trump’s announcement, France’s recently elected President Macron launched on June 8th an initiative, pointedly titled Make Our Planet Great Again, which encouraged American researchers, innovators, and businesses as well as students to head to France to secure home supportive of their sustainability efforts. The initiative extends the services of Business France and its 92 offices world-wide to offer assistance for American’s interested in realizing the goals of their research and business efforts despite the change in U.S. policy.

Such efforts to ensure the continued impact of American businesses and researchers were mirrored on a international level with California’s governor Jerry Brown, renowned for his active engagement with climate issues, side-stepping U.S. national government to travel to Beijing and meet with China’s President Xi Jinping. In a meeting focused on climate change and the growing role of China on the world climate agenda, Governor Brown served as an envoy of sorts for those American’s whose views on the climate are not represented by President Trump. During his stay in China, Gov. Brown toured the country speaking with officials in charge of guiding China’s efforts to reduce emissions and signed several agreements on clean energy technological development.

See the full list of the coalition’s members.

France’s President Macron launches ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’ initiative.

California Gov. Brown meets with Chinese President.

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