A new report published by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) studies the influence of cities and urban centers in driving electric vehicle adoption, assessing vehicle uptake rates, policies, and infrastructure to determine their role in developing EV markets. The report surveyed those cities with the highest EV uptake by new vehicle share in 2015, focusing on the metropolitan-level to address the travel patterns in the areas surrounding the immediate center of the cities in question.

The report’s findings include that nearly a third of all EV sales are focused in 14 cities, suggesting a strong correlation between a city’s relative activeness in supporting electric vehicles and the growth of local EV markets. Among the strongest actions taken by these cities were enacting efficient, localized legislation, such as incentives; building up charging infrastructure; and contributing to the active promotion of EVs.

While the list of individual EV capitals was topped by two European cities, Oslo and Utrecht, the presence of three Chinese cities among the top 14 showed the consdierable impact cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen have had on growth, accounting for some 45& of all plug-in vehicles sold worldwide in 2015. China is poised to retain this dominant position with recent actions such as Beijing’s announcement that all 70,000 taxis in the city would be gradually transitioned to EVs

Read the full report from the ICCT

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