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                     Towards a New Finnish Ecosystem


The WALCC supports the transformation of transportation in Finland and will organize a workshop to further develop ideas for a proposal regarding Mobility as a Services to be submitted to Tekes by the end of September 2017. The workshop will take place on September 12th, starting with lunch at 12.00.

                                          Autonomous Vehicles and MaaS (AVM)

                                               Rake Hall, Hotel Klaus K, Helsinki

12.00               Lunch


13.00               Welcome and introduction

                            Jussi Hulkkonen, WALCC


13.10               Catalyzing MaaS: what we have learned this far

                            Taina Haapamäki, FLOU

13.45               The potential of Finnish ITS expertise in a global context

                            Marko Forsblom, ITS Finland

14.00               Location-driven data solutions as a platform for innovation

                            Mika Rytkönen, HERE

14.15               Transport innovation; how ABB can support Finnish ecosystems

                            Peter Lindgren, ABB

14.30               The future of smart mobility; how to engage users

                            Sami Sahala, Forum Virium

14.45               Supporting Finnish excellence in transportation

                            Karin Wikman, Tekes

15.00               Incentives and enablers for transport transition; the role of government

                            Krista Huhtala-Jenks, MinTC

15.15               Small group discussion: Towards a MaaS roadmap 2018-2020 (Coffee and refershments served)


15.45               Small group presentations and group discussion


16.30               Towards the AVM 2018-2020 program, next steps

                             Johan Wallin, Synocus 

16.45-17.00     Networking


Please join us to ensure that Finnish companies that have developed strengths in the fields necessary to realize MaaS will become global forerunners in the coming years. The workshop will discuss a vision, roadmap, and action plan for a three-year ecosystem building program, AVM 2018-2020, supported by Tekes. In this workshop, you can influence the plan of the coming program!

Please register for this event as soon as possible but no later than September 7th (as there is limited space available) by contacting either Taina Haapamäki (+358 50 377 8123, taina.haapamäThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Jussi Hulkkonen (+358 9 622 62 629, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Read our August newsletter for more on the Catalyzing Mobilty as a Service project and the workshop Download the newsletter here.

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Reframing City Districts (ReCiDi)

A research project conducted by the Universities of Turku and Tampere which aims to form a new conceptual framework which will help shape the collective identity and common vision necessary to realize the future low-carbon and sustainability targets.

Systemic Architectures for Sustainable Urban Innovation (SASUI)

An action learning and research project conducted by Aalto University and the University of Tampere which aimed to form a better understanding of the architectural requirements for successful innovation projects.