The World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities (WALCC) is pleased to announce, together with its co-orchestrator Synocus Group, that the Autonomous Vehicles and Mobility services (AVM) ecosystem has now attracted a strong host of SMEs and city organizations to complement its four Anchor organizations. The AVM ecosystem will gather its members together on March 26th at its inaugural, annual spring meeting where the orchestrators will provide an overview of the ecosystem’s development over the first three months of the year before turning their gazes towards the coming months and the work ahead.

At the spring meeting, the orchestrators will guide the ecosystem’s members in formulating an action plan for the coming months, advancing discussions in four working groups dedicated to: Autonomous vehicle pilots, Software applications for citizen engagement, Low-carbon inner city logistics, and the AVM ecosystem’s domestic and international market shaping activities. These working groups will guide the orchestrators and the AVM ecosystem’s Advisory Group, composed of the four Anchor organizations, in formulating the roadmap.

In conjunction with the spring meeting, the WALCC is launching the AVM ecosystem’s digital home which will offer a resource for information regarding the ecosystem’s evolution as well as serving the ecosystem’s members as a platform for all related documents and information.

Please follow along with the AVM ecosystem’s activities at and if you would like to hear more about the ecosystem or are interested in joining, please contact Jussi Hulkkonen (+358962262629 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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